11 Signs You Need a Holiday

11 Signs You Need A Holiday

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Your friend, colleague or foe has just returned from time spent off work and they can’t stop bragging. It’s all they talk about. You tune out after an hour of their gloating as all you’d really like to do is clip them over the ears and say ‘shut the hell up already’. Continue reading

Top Food to  try in the Philippines Featured Image

GUEST POST: Top food to try in the Philippines

If you havn’t tried Filipino food before, this guest post from Elsa Thomasma should get those taste buds into action. In many cultures food is incredibly important and in Asia it’s rare to eat alone. Gatherings of family and friends enjoy one of life’s pleasures – eating. This article reminds me why I love Asian food so much and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to wrap my lips around this cuisine. Continue reading